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Request for serum samples from newly diagnosed patients

The response to requests to supply serum from newly-diagnosed patients remains very disappointing. Since the collection started in 2000, only 108 sample have been submitted from 20 centres. Only 11 samples from children under age 12 are available, and as the majority of these have been included in both Workshops, supplies are now exhausted. The best response has generally come from relatively small centres. The number of samples contributed, particularly from children, must increase if the programme is to continue. Samples must be collected within 10 days of starting insulin and the upper age limit for patients is 30 years.

A sample informed consent has been provided by George Eisenbarth. He has given permsission to adapt as needed. An absolute minimum of 25 ml of serum from newly-diagnosed subjects is required. From adults, 50ml serum samples are preferred. Further information is detailed on the website ( in DASP under Committees. Plasma off Ficoll would also be acceptable. IDS Council has agreed to pay contributers $100/sample to cover the cost of collection and shipment.

Once you have collected a sample, you should send the patient details (age, gender, ethnicity, date of starting insulin, date of sample collection, and local sample id code) to . You will then be sent an IDS sample code and instructions on where to send the sample.