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Request for serum samples from newly diagnosed patients

The results of the first DASP workshop showed some labs measure islets antibodies very well, but others continue to have problems. This emphasises the need for a continuing program of proficiency evaluation workshops to help everyone achieve and maintain the best possible assay performance. Our ability to do this relies on YOU!

We have established a really good collaboration with CDC, but to organise any further autoantibody workshops the IDS community have to supply large volume (50 ml) serum samples from patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. We need at least 50 samples from patients before the next workshop. CDC provide all the control samples.

We need 50ml serum samples from

  • newly diagnosed patients below 30 years of age
  • collected within 7 days of starting insulin
  • If volume if the limiting factor in getting samples from very small children, an absolute minimum volume of 25ml is acceptable though this limits the number of labs we can include in the workshop

In return for sending samples we offer

  • Free participation in the next workshop
  • A small fee to cover any expenses incurred in sample collection

    If you are able to help contact for further details