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Letter to Diabetes Care

At the Fiuggi meeting, it was decided that an IDS position statement on the prediction of type 1 diabetes should be produced based on the session which covered this topic. The group given the task of writing this document comprised Ezio Bonifacio, Anette Ziegler, Des Schatz, Mark Atkinson, George Eisenbarth and Polly Bingley. The document was limited to prediction in first degree family members since this is the area in which there is sufficient consensus to allow us to be didactic.

The letter primarily offers recommendations on assessment of risk of type 1 diabetes in unaffected 1st degree relatives of patients with the disease. Some of these recommendations include screening for risk only in the context of defined research studies and Review Board oversight, primary testing that includes GAD antibody level measurement using IAA or IA-2 antibodies, metabolic testing with FPIR evaluation in an intravenous glucose tolerance test, etc. News on the publication of this letter will soon be announced.

Please contact Polly Bingley for further information.