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IDS Meeting Format January 1999
(Subject to some modifications)

Meeting Timetable
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Key Points:

  • Workshop meetings prior to IDS meeting
  • IDS meeting duration 2 - 3 days
  • No parallel sessions
  • Flexible use of sessions for state of the art lectures, short presentations, poster discussion, stop press presentations, debates, etc., the meeting may be extended into the evening to allow for a less dense programme.
  • Sufficient time for interaction between participants: 30 min breaks, 60 min lunches
  • Posters as important part of the meeting: 1 hour poster sessions per day All posters exhibited throughout the meeting. Poster session separate from lunch or coffee break, could be moved to late afternoon (with "wine and cheese")
  • at least 1 hour Workshop sessions for summarising results of prior workshop meetings
  • 1 hour IDS General Assembly
  • Study groups may organise (and finance) individual sessions