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Article 7: The Executive Council

    The IDS Council will assume overall operational responsibility for The Society, ensure that the Society continues to meet its objectives as set out in Article 2, and consider and propose ways in which the overall goals of the Society might be met more effectively. Specific tasks are:

    1. To assist and advise local organizers of IDS meetings.
    2. To monitor , coordinate and support the activities of the subgroups listed under Article 3, and extend such activities or develop new groupings consistent with the overall objectives of the Society.
    3. To make regular reports, both in the form of newsletters and at open meetings, to the Membership of the IDS.
    4. To further the aims of the IDS by any other initiatives.

Article 8: Membership of the Executive Council

    The Members of the Executive Council will be:

    1. The three elected officers. One officer will be replaced each year, and his/her replacement will join the Council one year in advance as an "officer elect". There will thus be three active officers and one officer elect on the Council at any one time.
    2. The organizers of the IDS meetings. There will be one representative each on the organizing committee of (i) the last meeting held (ii) the forthcoming meeting and (iii) the next meeting after that.
    3. One individual to represent each of the following: ICARUS, IDIG and the Transplantation Group, nominated by each of these groups.
    4. Two individuals nominated by the membership of the IDS.
    5. Representatives of additional interest groups may be added to the Executive Council on the same basis as those mentioned in Article 8.3, provided that at least two thirds of the IDS Council vote for this change. Representation of interest groups may be terminated by the same mechanism. Each member will serve for a period of three years. The IDS Council will thus consist of 12 individuals, made up as follows: Officers, with one officer-elect (4), meeting organizers (3), representatives of interest groups (3), elected nominees (2).

Article 9: Publication Policy

In the event of adoption of a journal, the responsible member of the editorial board would join the IDS Committee for the duration of his/her period as editor.

Other ad hoc publications, such as published proceedings of scientific meetings, will only have the sanction of the Society when approved by the IDS Council.

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