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Article 4: Membership

Members shall be investigators who have contributed by their work to the advancement of knowledge in any area broadly relevant to the immunology of diabetes. This will normally mean authorship of at least one peer reviewed English language publication, or of an abstract published in an international journal.

Article 5: General Assembly

A General Assembly of IDS will be arranged at each full IDS meeting, usually every 1-1.5 years. The members of the IDS elect by ballot the officers of the IDS Council and the Council decided on major issues of the Society, either at the General Assembly, or by mail between meetings.

Article 6: Officers of the Society

The IDS will have three officers, a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. Each will be elected by ballot of all Members of the Society and will serve for a period of 3 years. Rotation of officers will be staggered to provide continuity, so that one is replaced each year. Replacements will be selected one year in advance. Officers will automatically become members of the IDS Council for the period of their tenure, and each "officer-elect" will join the Council for one year before he/she takes up office. If a new officer is already serving on the IDS Council in another capacity, e.g. as nominee of the Advisory Group, he or she should be replaced in that capacity by addition of a new member. Any member of the Society may stand for election as one of the three officers provided he/she is nominated and seconded by two other members.

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