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IDIG Report Carla Greenbaum

At the last IDS meeting, the International Diabetes Immunotherapy Group (IDIG) was formally incorporated under the umbrella of IDS. We set three tasks for this group: (1) maintain a list of current trials in prevention and intervention for type 1 diabetes on the IDS website, (2) develop IDS guidelines for conduct of prevention and intervention trials, and (3) collect data from control groups from various natural history or intervention studies to attempt a metaanalysis of decline of beta-cell function post-diagnosis in patients receiving treatment under current standard of care (i.e. tight control).

Following the links from the IDS homepage committees IDIG ongoing trials; there are seven trials listed for newly diagnosed type 1 patients. Unfortunately, there are currently no trials listed for at-risk subjects, despite the fact that the IDS community is clearly involved in and aware of trials. We urge members to please complete the one-page form available on the WEB site describing their ongoing studies, so that this becomes a useful resource for investigators, patients, and families.

The IDS guidelines for conduct of trials in newly diagnosed subjects has been finalized and presented to Richard Kahn of the ADA. The plan is to publish the manuscript in Diabetes accompanied by a review article on the use of C-peptide in intervention trials. Details on the timing for publication are not currently available. IDIG would now like to draft similar guidelines for trials in at-risk relatives. Any members interested in working on these guidelines from the ground up should contact .

We have had a very poor response to our request for data from natural history studies or control arms of intervention trials. Data sets have been turned in from Holly Allens BCG study (Denver), from Bruce Buckinghams MTX study (Stanford) , and from Riccardo Bonfantis natural history study (Milan). There remains a great need to understand the variance and changes in different measures of ß-cell function post diagnosis. We urge other IDS members to contribute their datasets and their efforts to enable such an analysis for the use of the community at large.

Please help us by:

  • Listing your clinical trials on intervention or prevention on IDS home page
  • Offer to work to develop IDS guidelines for prevention studies
  • Provide your datasets for an IDS sponsored metanalysis of B-cell function post-diagnosis